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This Tensor Society formerly known as The Tensor Society of India was established in 1983 under the supervision of Padamshree Late Prof. R.S.Mishra. He was the founder President of the Society and Prof. R.C.Agrawal was the Secretary. Since 1983 society publishes the research Journal “The Journal of the Tensor Society of India (JTSI)”.  Late Prof.M.D.Upadhaya, former Vice -Chancellor of Kumaun University was the first Editor in Chief of the Journal. After the death of Prof. Mishra, Prof.U.P.Singh,  Former Vice-Chancellor of Purvanchal University became the President of the Society. Renowned Geometers Prof.A.Matsmoto, Prof.H.Shimada, Prof.A.Bejancu, Prof. A.Hamoui, Prof. A.Aqueel, Prof. K.S.Amur, Prof. R.B.Mishra, Prof.K.l.Duggal and so many others were associated with the society from the beginning. After the death of Prof. M.D. Upadhaya, Prof. S.C.Rastogi take the charge of Editor in Chief of the Journal. The Society was developed with the cooperation of Prof.U.P.Singh, Prof.H.D.Pandey, Late Prof.S.B.Pandey , Prof.P.N.Pandey, Late Prof. RamHit Ojha and many others eminent geometers.
The journal of the Tensor Society is the official organ of the Tensor Society and serves as a forum of the publication of original research paper in any branch of the applied mathematics, Astronomy, Theoretical Physics, astro Physics, Relativity, cosmology and Statistics. The Tensor Society of India has published the following monographs:
                                             (i) Almost Contact Metric Manifolds By Prof. R.S.Mishra
                                            (ii) Hypersurfaces of Almost Hermite Manifolds By Prof. R.S.Mishra
Due to some technical difficulty it was reregistered as The Tensor Soiety in 2007 under the Presidentship of   Prof. Ram Nivas. Since then it organizes its conferences annually at different places. Society organized its conferences at SRMCEM, Lucknow (2008 &2011) , Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh(2009), Kuvempu University,Shimoga (2010),AMU Aligarh (2012), Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur (2013) and Jadavpur University, Kolkata (2014) successfully .After the re- registration  the society took ISSN no for the journal of the tensor society. After that society decided to rotate the post of Editor-in-chief and Editorial secretary in two years. Since then Prof.Ram Nivas, Prof.S.B.Pandey, Prof.Zafar Ahsan and Prof. C.S.Bagewadi, worked as Editor-in-chief and Dr.M.N.I.Khan, Prof. Dhruwa narain , Prof. Manjusha Majumdar and Prof S.K.Narsimhamurthy worked as editorial secretary of the journal. At present Prof.R.K.Nagaich and Prof. Mohd, Hasan Shahid are working as Editor in chief and editorial secretary respectively. The Journal reviewed by Mathematical Review and Zentrablott  . The society is also doing some social work. It distributes one hundred schoolbags for students in different villages and one hundred blanket of economically weaker section every year. The website of the society started on 4th May, 2010 with web address . All the information regarding membership and journal are available on its website. Society gives the following prizes in its every conference:
                                         1. Young Geometer                                                                           2. Young Relativist
                                        3. Best Paper                                                                                      4. Best Presentation
Society always welcome the suggestions for improvement in functioning of the society and its journal.
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