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Aims and scope

The Journal of the Tensor Society (JTS) is the official organ of The Tensor Society and publishes original research articles in differential geometry, relativity, cosmology and in all interdisciplinary areas in mathematics which use differential geometric methods and structures. The following main areas are covered: Differentiable manifolds, Finsler geometry, Lie groups, Local and global differential geometry, General Relativity and Geometric theories of Gravitation; Cosmology, Dark energy, dark matter, accelerating universe, Geometric models for Particle Physics; Supergravity and Supersymmetric Field Theories; Classical and Quantum Field Theory; Gauge Theories; Topological Field Theories; Geometry of Chaos. As well as original research, Journal of the tensor society also publishes focused review articles that assess the state of the art, and identify upcoming challenges and promising solutions for the community.

Bibliographic information:  ISSN: 0974-5424

Editor in Chief

 Professor G.S. Khadekar
Department of Mathematics, R.T.M. Nagpur University Nagpur, Maharastra.



Editorial Secretary

 Professor Mukut Mani Tripathi
Department of Mathematics, Institute of Science, BHU, UP INDIA.                 Email:

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