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(α, β, γ) – Metric and its Properties

(α, β, γ) – Metric and its Properties


R.K.Pandey and Neetu Singh


In the present paper, we have introduced the concept of (α, β, γ) – metric and find some important tensors for (α, β, γ) – metric, where α = { aij (x) y^i y^j}^1/2, 1- form β = bi (x) y^i and cubic metric. γ = { aijk (x) y^i y^j y^k}^ 1/3. We have also considerd the hypersurface given the equation b(x) = constant of the Finsler space with the(α, β, γ) – metric given by L= L (α, β, γ).

Keywords: Finsler Space with (α, β, γ) – metric; cubic metric; one form metric;
angular metric tensor; fundamental tensor and reciprocal tensor.

Received March 15, 2021
Accepted May 21, 2021
Published August 16, 2021

cited by : Journal of The Tensor Society (J.T.S.) Vol. 14 (2020), page 1-08.

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