Peer-Reviewed journal indexed by Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt MATH.

Emission of Energy from Schwarzschild Black Holes


M. Ansari


Induced energy is obtained in the exterior Schwarzschild space-time through one loop quantum correction to scalar field. It is discussed that energy tunnels quantum mechanically through the event horizon contrary to results of classical mechanics that black-holes cannot emit anything. Three decades ago, Hawking had obtained this type of result through the process of creation of scalar particles. Evaporation of energy from black-hole results into loss of mass. It is found that a primordial black-hole of mass 1015 gm might have evaporated by now. Moreover, luminosity of hole also increases gradually. It is suggested that decreasing area of the event horizon due to loss of mass causes increase in entropy in the outer space of the hole. It is speculated that black-holes in the extreme past might be glowing bright now and will leave behind dark naked next singularities.

Keywords and Phrases : Black-holes, one-loop quantum correction, vaccum energy, luminosity.
PACS Number  : : 04.62, +v, 04.70. Dy.

Received date : 12 July, 2009

Accepted date: 11 September, 2009.

cited by: J.T.S. Vol. 3 (2009), pp. 105-117

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