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On P3-Like Finsler Space


B.N. Prasad, T.N. Pandey and Amitabh Mishra


There are three kinds of torsion tensor in Cartan’s theory of Finsler spaces. Two of them are (h) hv-torsion tensor Cijk and (v) hv-torsion tensor Pijk,which are symmetric in all their indices and both are indicatory tensors. Mathematics have studied various interesting special forms of these torsion tensors. For example C-reducible [2], semi C- reducible [6],C2-like [6] and C3-like[9] Finsler spaces are based on the special forms of Cijk where as P-reducible [1] [5] and P-symmetric [5] Finsler spaces are based on the special forms of Pijk. In the present paper we shall discuss another special form of P ijk.

Keywords and Phrases : Finsler spaces, Cartan’s theory of Finsler spaces, hv-torsion tensor, C-reducible.

Received date : March 17, 2007

Accepted date: June 12, 2007

cited by: J.T.S. Vol. 1 (2007), pp.51-61

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