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On Some Measures, Analogues to Carlson’s dirichlet Measure, Average, Generlize Erde’lyi-Kober Integral Operators and Applications


Hemant Kumar and Shilesh Kumari


In the present paper, we define two measures identical to Carlson’s Dirichlet measure and then, with them, find two integral averages and again, construct two generalized fractional integral operators involving these averages those are analogues to generalized Erde’lyi-Kober integral operators. Then, we make their applications to evaluate the transformation formulae of elementary functions on analytic continuation theory. Also, we discuss some of their particular cases

Keywords and Phrases : Carlson’s Dirichlet measure, new measure analoges to Carlson’s Dirichlet measure, averages, generalized Erde’lyi-Kober integral operators.
AMS Subject Classification : : 26A33 , 28A20 , 28A25, 44A20, 44A30 , 28C99 , 31C25, 33C60, 33C70

Received date : July 21 ,2008

Accepted date: September 15 ,2008

cited by: J.T.S. Vol. 2 (2008), 17-30

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