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Probing an exact universe with recent H(z) and Pantheon data

Probing an exact universe with recent H(z) and Pantheon data


Annu Jaiswal, G.K. Goswami and S.K. Srivastava


In this paper, we have investigated an exact solution of Einstein’s field equation of isotropic and homogeneous universe. We have performed $\chi^{2}$ test to obtain the best fit value of model parameters of derived model with its observed values. It is obtained that the best fit values of Hubble constant and density parameters are $H_{0} = 68.13 \pm 1.17$, $(\Omega_{m})_{0} = 0.27 \pm 0.005$ and $(\Omega_{\Lambda})_{0} = 0.718 \pm 0.015$ by bounding the derived model with latest $H(z)$ data while with Pantheon data, its values are $H_{0} = 71.47 \pm 0.53$, $(\Omega_{m})_{0} = 0.276 \pm 0.006$ and $(\Omega_{\Lambda})_{0} = 0.74 \pm 0.01$. The dynamics of deceleration parameter shows that in the derived model, the universe was in decelerating phase for the transition red-shift $z_{t} > 0.723$. At $z_{t} = 0.723$, the present universe has entered in accelerating phase of expansion. The age of current universe is obtained as $13.89 \pm 0.017$ Gyrs which is in good consistency with its value observed by Plank collaboration results and WMAP observations.

PACS number: 98.80.-k, 04.20.Jb.

Keywords: FRW space-time, General relativity, Cosmological constant and deceleration parameter.

Received June 20, 2021
Accepted July 29, 2021
Published August 16, 2021

cited by : Journal of The Tensor Society (J.T.S.)  Vol. 14 (2020), page  58 Р70.

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