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Prolongation of Tensor Fields and G-Structures in Tangent Bundles of Second Order


Sahadat Ali


Tangent and cotangent bundles have been defined and studied by Yano, Ishihara, Patterson and others. Duggal gives the notion of GF-structure, which
plays an important role in the differentiable manifold [1]. R. Nivas and Ali
have studied the existence of GF-structure and generalized contact structure on the tangent bundle and some interesting results have been obtained for such structures [2]. Prolongation of tensor fields, almost complex and almost product structures have been defined and studied by Yano, Ishihara [3] and others whereas Das [4] and Morimoto [5] have studied the prolongation of F-structure and G-structures respectively to the tangent bundles. In the present paper problems of prolongation in tangent bundle of second order and few results on GF, fa(3, −1) and generalized contact structures have been discussed.

Keywords and Phrases : GF-structure, Tensor bundle, Contact manifolds,

Received date : July 10, 2015

Accepted date: October 20, 2015

cited by: J.T.S. Vol. 9 (2015), pp.77-81

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