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T3-Like Finsler Spaces


S.C. Rastogi


In 1972, T-tensor in a Finsler space of n- dimensions was introduced and studied simultaneously by H. Kawaguchi [3] and Matsumoto [5]. Several papers related with T-tensor , since then, have been published by various authors namely Hashiguchi [1] , Matsumoto [6]. Matsumoto and Shimada [7,8] , Rastogi [10,11] and others. The purpose of the present paper is to study some properties of T-tensor in a Finsler space of three dimensions. Furthermore, we have defined and studied Finsler spaces Fn, whose T-tensor is of special form and called them T3-like Finsler spaces

Keywords and Phrases : Finsler space, T-tensor, T3-like Finsler spaces

Received date : April 21, 2008

Accepted date: June 11, 2008

cited by: J.T.S. Vol. 2 (2008), 49-65

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